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Peugeot Head Up Display – Plug & Play


Turn your Peugeot into something like a fighter jet out of Top Gun with this Head Up Display (HUD). Simply plug into your cars OBDII port and get all your vehicle critical information such as speed, gear shift reminding, engine rpm's, temperature indicators and so much more information right up on your windscreen.


A safer and better way to read your speed and other car diagnostics is with this head up display. Connecting into the ODB II port, it sits on your vehicle’s dashboard and projects onto the front windshield at the driver’s eye level for easy reading. As it is a plug and play device, this car head up display is easy to set up and produces very accurate readings.

Works with Peugeot Vehicles Made From 1996 and after.

Information Displayed

– Speed: The number can indicate the current speed
– Unit marks: Voltage, degree Celsius, degree Fahrenheit, kilometer, mile, kilometer per hour
– Gear shifting reminding: It will remind the driver to change up a gear to save fuel when the engine speed and vehicle speed reach a certain ratio, the alarm will be given automatically with the alarm light turning on
– Battery voltage: when the battery voltage is less than/reaches 12v, the caution light will turn on to remind the driver
– Engine revolving speed icon
– Rotation speed: indicates the rotating status of the engine and the scale measured represents the speed reached
– Light sensors, brightness can be changed with change in the outside world
– Engine failure icon: the icon will light up when engine break down
– Buzzer mark: press the switch button to turn on or turn off the sound of the buzzer
– Fault code
– Multi-functional display area: toggle to display instant 100KM fuel consumption/instant fuel consumption/revolving speed/fault code
– Engine revolving speed unit
– Instant 100KM/instant fuel consumption unit: displays fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers when the vehicle is moving in L/100km
– Tire indicator
– Tire pressure and temperature display area
– Tire pressure unit
– Tire temperature unit
– Drowsy driving indicator reminder
– Over speed reminder: the icon of over speed will flicker and alarm when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit set up in advance
– Setting status indicator
– Water temperature: when the temperature reached 100 degree centigrade

Package Contents

  • Head up display unit
  • Reflective film
  • OBII cable
  • Anti-slip pad
  • User Manual